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Extracted from the Sustainability South West web site at:

Sustainability South West has evolved! Introducing SustNav

23/11/2012 05:36

After 12 years as Sustainability South West, the Champion Body for sustainable development in the South West of England, the charity has evolved to extend its reach beyond regional boundaries. Officially launching this week as SustNav, it will be working at local, regional and national levels!

SustNav can enable you to navigate your way to lasting, positive solutions with a range of services, tailored to your needs. The charity provides not-for-profit sustainability services and champions lasting solutions.

Our new contact details:

Address: SustNav, Maxet House, 28 Baldwin Street, Bristol, BS1 1NG

Please view our Services to find out more about SustNav and how it can help your organisation navigate a sustainable path. 

To find out more about what Sustainability South West achieved in its Champion Body role, visit The SSW Legacy.