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Navigating a healthy, new economy: Joining up the economic and health & wellbeing agendas

23/11/2012 04:10

John Cabot with SustNav navigation rulerAs part of our new name launch activities, SustNav (formerly Sustainability South West) will present its first  Sustainability Navigators event, exploring the new context of austerity with leading thinkers and doers, on Tuesday 27th November.

Leaders from a range of sectors will develop ideas on using our squeezed resources – financial, social and natural – more effectively in the inspiring setting of the Tyntesfield Estate in North Somerset. Cutting edge thinkers will outline the current challenges facing the economic, health & wellbeing and natural environment sectors and explore the opportunities for joined up solutions. There will also be interactive sessions with colleagues to create ideas for new projects to promote a joined up approach to delivering on local economic development, wellbeing and natural environment agendas.

A press release will follow on the day's key outcomes.

This event will mark the start of a Sustainability Navigators Network whose details will appear on this site following the event. If you are interested in joining this new network get in touch with the SustNav team.