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Extracted from the Sustainability South West web site at:

Champion Body

Sustainability South West / SustNav was a passionate champion of sustainability. The charity's aim was to accelerate change towards a sustainable society - one that is healthy, resilient, socially-just, economically stable and lives within environmental limits. 

Big Idea Meeting

Between 2000 and 2010, before the English regions were 'dismantled', Sustainability South West (SSW) was the South West's official 'Champion Body' for sustainable development.

As Champion Body, SSW advised agencies across the South West and lobbied regionally and nationally on key sustainability issues. 

SSW worked with its members to map out the key sustainability issues and challenges for the South West and develop position statements. Archived legacy documents capturing these two strands of work can be downloaded below:

Key sustainability challenges for the South West (2010)

A selection of SSW position statements - see document for the date of individual statements

Download the 1998-2009 Decadal Review to find out more about what SSW achieved in its Champion Body role.


Championing legacy:

In 2014, SustNav created 'Reflection and Learning: on being a regional sustainability champion (2000-2011) and provider of sustainability services (2011-2014)' to provide inspiration to other organisations and future sustainability champions. The report features contributions from Director Leslie Watson and each of the charity’s past Chairs; Jonathon Porritt, Dr Richard Cresswell, Liz McGrath, Dr Julian Dennis, as well as current Chair, Mike Birkin. The report is available to download below:

Reflection and Learning: on being a regional sustainability champion